Is This The Hidden Strategy Of KCR?


The Telangana chief minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao has made severe comments and abused the A.P chief minister Chandrababu Naidu like never before just a day back.

The sudden verbal attack of KCR on Chandrababu Naidu has not only got a severe backlash but also surprised everyone. As the elections are over in Telangana state, everything seems to have settled but the sudden attack and that too stooping to such a low level by the honorable chief minister of the state has raised the eyeballs of the many.

Some of the political analysts opine that there is a hidden agenda behind KCR’s abusive language towards CBN. KCR’s sudden outburst against CBN is a part of a secret relationship of TRS and BJP claims some political observers and analysts. As CBN is the common enemy to both TRS and BJP, both the parties are trying their level best to spoil the image of CBN before getting into the election battle thereby narrowing the chances of getting into power again.

After the stupendous victory in general elections, KCR seems to be behaving like a dictator. Though CBN has retorted back in his style for the comments made by KCR, it’s not good for the most responsible persons of the Telugu states fighting on their personal issues rather than thinking to do something good to the people. Though Andhra and Telangana have been separated, the peace and harmony between the people are not affected and such selfish acts by the politicians would only affect the harmony between the states.


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