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Tarak shouts Jai Balayya: Nandamuri fans are in seventh heaven

Despite many friendly interactions between Tarak and Balayya, Nandamuri fans still smell the gap between these two big stars all these days. But one single video byte from SS Karthikeya’s wedding has made the day of each and every Nandamuri fans on Earth.

Tarak maintained his distance from Balayya’s family for some reasons better known to himself. Since then, Both Balayya and NTR Jr were not seen together in many of Nandamuri’s movie functions. The demise of Hari Krishna changed these equations and nowadays, these two are spending some quality time together. Not less than a week ago, NTR Jr attended as the Chief guest for the pre-release function of NTR biopic and spoke high about his Babai. In the yesterday’s Sangeeth function of SS Karthikeya, Taarak was seen screaming Jai Balayya along with some of his friends like Akhil happily. Needless to say, this video is now trending top among the social networking sites across the two Telugu States. Whatever might be the reason for this act of Tarak, this is the first time he was seen shouting Jai Balayya in ages.

With this one video, the gap has now said to be burnt and Nandamuri fans completely believe in their patch up. Some of Balayya fans who intentionally boycotted Tarak’s flicks are now declaring their unconditional support to the latter.

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