KCR’s Unmatchable Gifts To T-Political Parties

KCR Gifts To Political Parties

As the elections are approaching, the Telangana CM KCR is trying to woo his rivals along with the people of Telangana. His latest announcement reveals his stunning approach.KCR has been readying powerful weapons to attract the voters of Telangana with his unique schemes. After providing Insurance to the farmers along with monthly incentives to the crops, he is also keen on issuing houses for them. Also, executive schemes for every field like Unemployed youth, middle class, and others are gearing up for a perfect announcement time. Leaving these excellent schemes aside, KCR has gifted a State’s government order for the Political parties.

He has announced that all the registered Political parties can get Government lands to establish their district headquarters for cheaper rates. The TRS Chief is giving away Government lands as cheap as a hundred rupees for one yard. This is the best way to silence the rival parties who are singing the song of TRS Corruption in their public meetings. KCR also scored a self-goal by this scheme as he decided to launch grand TRS headquarters in every 29 districts in Telangana.Political analysts firmly believe that getting a government land for such a cheap rate would make a larger impact on the minds of voters. Especially extending this offer to all Political parties including his rivals only benefit the TRS party.


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