KCR Inaugurates Nine Government Medical Colleges


KCR Inaugurates Nine Government Medical Colleges:

Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao has officially inaugurated nine government medical colleges in the state, hailing the event as a momentous day in Telangana’s history. He emphasized the significance of these colleges in disproving critics who doubted the state’s progress. With the addition of these nine colleges, Telangana now boasts 26 government medical colleges, and there are plans to inaugurate eight more in the coming year, ensuring one medical college in each district.

This expansion will result in a total of 34 government medical colleges in Telangana, a remarkable feat since the state’s formation in 2014. The Chief Minister proudly stated that Telangana would be the only state in the country with 10,000 MBBS seats, producing a substantial number of doctors each year, with 85 percent of these seats reserved for local students.

Chandrashekar Rao commended the students embarking on this historic journey and expressed his hope that they would bring honor to Telangana and the nation through their medical careers. He also emphasized the need for a comprehensive medical education ecosystem and healthcare system, highlighting the state’s commitment to these goals.

The Chief Minister acknowledged the importance of doctors in protecting society from potential health challenges and highlighted Telangana’s leading position in medical education and healthcare delivery, as recognized by Niti Aayog. He outlined various healthcare achievements, including improved maternal and infant mortality rates, and the successful promotion of institutional deliveries.

kcr inaugurates nine government medical colleges
KCR Inaugurates Nine Government Medical Colleges

Health Minister T. Harish Rao played a pivotal role in these healthcare initiatives, particularly the “KCR kit” and “KCR nutrition kit” programs, which aim to enhance the health and nutrition of pregnant women and new mothers. The Chief Minister and Health Minister expressed their commitment to strengthening Telangana’s healthcare infrastructure and maintaining its leadership in the field.

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