KCR is the master planner behind Viceroy incident: CBN

AP CM Reveals KCR Role in Viceroy Hotel Incident

The AP CM the other day hit back at his Political rival KCR by making sharp comments. This time, the TDP National head dared to dig the past of the Telangana CM to make him silent.

The verbal war between the two Telugu CMs reached a stage such that both are making regressive comments on one another. It is a known thing that KCR attacked CBN by declaring that the latter is known for his useless, backstabbing and unethical Politics since the starting of his career. It is now CBN’s turn to give the final count for all the indecent comments made by the T-CM. CBN while speaking to the Press warned the TRS Chief to control his mouth while making such comments. Babu declared that the KCR was present during the Viceroy Hotel incident where CBN along with his MLAs force took the Power from NTR. He reminded KCR that the latter is indeed the master planner and made it sure the plan was perfectly executed. On this note, the AP CM claimed that KCR enjoyed Ministries in the prior’s cabinet for a good long time.

Making such attacks on each other only make the two Telugu States know how worse are these CMs’ past. Already many Politicians and opponents of Babu are unhappy with the Viceroy hotel. Recollecting his own bad deeds would cause damage to Chandrababu Naidu himself.


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