RSS Backs Nitin Gadkari To Be BJP’s PM Candidate

RSS Backs Nitin Gadkari To Be BJP’s PM Candidate

The anti-Modi wave has hit the India hard such that the allies of NDA are turning against the present Prime Minister Modi. After Shiv Sena, another NDA partner is desperate to change the BJP’s PM candidate for the upcoming Parliament elections.

The results of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh proved that the Modi-Amit Shah duo has ended its success streak. Along with the growing hatred for Modi, the allies of NDA are now mounting pressure on the BJP to change this duo for the 2019’s Lok Sabha elections. One of Modi’s supporters RSS also turned its back against the Modi-Amit duo. They are now proposing the Union Minister Nitin Gadkari as the number one contender for the PM candidate from the BJP. If the current Prime Minister Modi is reluctant to step down, then there is a chance that RSS along with the Shiv Sena might withdraw its support to the BJP at the Centre. If this continues with the other allies of BJP, the Modi shall be replaced at any cost before or after the polling.

However, the BJP is not interested to change either Amit or Modi from their positions. It is looking forward to winning the maximum number of seats in Lok Sabha so that they need not get the support of any allies. If BJP crosses the magical figure all by itself, then we can expect Modi to be the PM runner-up yet again irking many Political parties of India. One has to wait and see if BJP is willing to have a change and bows to its allies or go alone.


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