KCR Keen On Sending Harish Rao To The Centre


If the ongoing speculations among the TRS inside circles are anything to go by, the TRS Chief KCR wants to make Harish Rao an important leader at the Centre representing the Pink party. Analysts decode KCR’s future plans with the two missiles Harish Rao and KTR.The two times CM KCR has proved his mettle by getting a thumping majority in the happened snap polls. As many as 88 seats are bagged by this TRS leader and it showcased his strength in the Indian Politics. For the upcoming terms, KCR wants to make KTR as the next CM being his successor so the latter was made TRS Working President the other day officially.

harish rao better than ktr in kcr survey

On the same note, without any partiality, KCR is now chalking plans to send the six times MLA T Harish Rao to the Parliament by making him as the MP of Medak constituency. With the following of this bumper majority leader and the back up of KCR, Harish’s win as an MP should be a cake walk. Also, the rumors have it that KCR promised a Union Ministry to his nephew on this regard.KCR’s National aspirations can be seen with these above-discussed plans. One shall not be wondered if KCR leaves Telangana to KTR and completely concentrates on the Central Politics along with Harish Rao and MIM’s support.


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