Exhausted Leaders Unable To Concentrate On T-Panchayat Elections


Now that the Assembly elections of Telangana are done and dusted along with the results, the newest State of India is gearing up for the Panchayat Elections. A deep look into the existing Political parties of Telangana explains that no party except TRS is showcasing interest on the local body elections.The snap polls were taken as the prestige issue by all the T-Political parties to gain power. Especially the Mahakutami allies like TPCC, T-TDP, and TJS have exhausted from the relentless campaigns, road shows, and Public meetings spree. More to this, Mahakutami’s defeat in early polls too showing its effect on the leaders. It is said that along with this hard work, more amounts of money is said to be spent by all the parties including the ruling party TRS so their concentration on Panchayat elections will be comparatively less than that of Assembly polling.Only the ruling party TRS leaders have started its campaigning for the Local Body elections in the segments of Nizamabad and Warangal. The elected MLAs are directing the local leaders and cadre to start the campaign slow and steady. Overall, one can be declared that the snap polls would be calmer than expected in the Telangana. TRS is confident to win as many Panchayats as it can while Prajakutami is completely hopeless regarding these elections.


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