Thursday, August 18, 2022
HomelatestKCR’s Mega Public Meet: Revanth’s Shocking Statistics

KCR’s Mega Public Meet: Revanth’s Shocking Statistics

The Telangana Congress firebrand leader MLA Revanth Reddy never misses a chance to slam his arch-rival KCR and his acts. This time, he used the KCR’s upcoming Grand Public meet as his weapon to ridicule the TRS Chief.Congress firebrand leader MLA Revanth Reddy

It is a known thing that the Telangana Chief Minister is organizing a big Public meeting on 2nd of September. More schemes to the people along with the decision of Snap Polls are speculated to be disclosed publicly via this event. KCR is bringing more hype to this meet by claiming that as many as 25 lakh people will attend this meeting and create a new record in Political history. Revanth in his recent Public meeting has responded to this unbelievable figured meeting. This young leader of TPCC declared that no one can bring 25 lakhs of people to the meeting as it is highly an impossible task. He came up with some statistics to convince that KCR is actually lying about the figure.Revanth stated that to accommodate 25 lakhs to people, a ground of 1200 acres of land is required and more than 2.5 lakhs transporting vehicles are needed. So Revanth demands the TRS Chief to show such a big area and those many vehicles immediately to the Press. Not stopping there, he declared that the TRS should spend 500 crores for the transportation and an additional 150 crores to organize such big Public event along with minimum facilities like Water. So he demands KCR to show 650 crores of rupees in his party accounts. This ex-floor leader of TDP asked KCR not to cheat Telangana people with fake numbers. On the same note, he declared that KCR has given one crore each to all his sitting MLAs and MPs as a gift to stay in the party in order to avoid any possible defections.

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