KCR pushes T-Congress to its extreme limits

KCR pushes T-Congress to its extreme limits


The TRS Chief KCR has-beens observing the latest developments in the Telangana Congress camp for the week. He is constantly throwing his strategic weapons to dilute the new buzz created within the TPCC with their head Rahul’s visit to the Hyderabad.

rahul gandhi
In what may be called as a magical spell, Rahul’s visit and a grand Public meeting instantly cheered up the Telangana Congress party and now they are working at new pace. KCR in order to decrease this new craze of TPCC among the Public tried his best to cover the promotions. He used his print and electronic media to avoid Rahul’s meeting with entertainment programmes and advertisements. On the eve of Independence Day, his revelations worked wonders for his own and put Congress in a hurry mode.

 KCR pushes

KCR declared that he has started the selection procedure of Candidates for all the constituencies in Telangana and will declare the list by September end. This made the TPCC tremble and they started pushing themselves to race with KCR. Uttam Kumar Reddy, being the Chief of TPCC stated to Press that he is forming a working committee to finalize the candidates to contest for the upcoming elections.

Political strategists say that it would take ages for TPCC to select and finalize candidates. While Congress is busy in this work, KCR can happily promote and create more buzz on TRS among the voters. According to analysts, he need not allocate time to select candidates as he is pretty much happy to continue the existing leaders and sitting MLAs except for 10-15 leaders who proved to be underperforming in this term. This showcases the mastermind of KCR and his approach to counter his rivals.


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