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HomelatestKCR’s Hidden Reasons Behind The Early Polls

KCR’s Hidden Reasons Behind The Early Polls

The caretaking Chief Minister of Telangana, KCR dissolved his Government’s term and created a sensation among the Political circles. Leading senior Political analysts decoded the strong reasons those motivated this TRS Chief to take such daring step.KCR is known for his master plans and tactics. To have the support of MIM as his internal partner within the State, KCR wanted to stay away from any link ups with the Central Party BJP. For this, he ended his term and proposed to go for the early polls such that he can have MIM by his side and sideline BJP within the State.

KCR’s early elections

If he can conquer the newest state of India with a record majority in the Assembly, then he can leave the state to his son KTR and he would start concentrating on the National Politics. This Pink party head has aspirations to be a key member in the Central Cabinet. As these reasons are not enough, KCR’s early polls would completely destroy his Oppositions political plans. They would have no time to prepare election strategies and ready candidates for the polls.Already more than 105 members including sitting MLAs list was released by the TRS Chief this month. The remaining contesting members’ names will be out in the upcoming meetings of TRS in their election campaigning.

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