KCR Can’t Afford To Lose The Media Support

KCR Retains Key Media Support Ahead Of Elections

Any political party needs a huge media support to win in elections and almost all big parties have their own media channels in the two Telugu States. TRS is not an exception to this as its Chief is trying his best to keep his supporting channels intact.TRS has a couple of print media and a channel like V6 which provide a huge popularity for the party. Former MP Vivek owns the V6 channel which is termed as the pro-TRS media in the entire Telangana. Such a channel is on the edge of cutting its relations with the Pink party as its head Vivek is not happy with the TRS Chief. It all started when Vivek was denied the Chennur ticket for the upcoming snap polls.


Irked Vivek wanted to walk out of the party along with the support of his channel V6. If this happens, KCR would lose its biggest advantage in media and more than this, the same pro channel would turn against as well.According to the latest buzz, KCR who announced 95% of seats for the snap polls is yet to announce the remaining 5% of candidates. So the Chief is planning to give one seat to Vivek to keep everything calm and easy. Let us wait for the official confirmation from the party’s spokesperson.

trs party immitating delhi congress views


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