Janasena targetting big on Godavari districts

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan Targets West Godavari Leaders

The Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan seems to be in his plans to sweep the Godavari districts in the upcoming general elections.In what way we may look at it, like community-based or fan base Pawan Kalyan has a very good hold in Godavari regions. That’s the prime reason behind Janasena focusing a lot on this region. As we all know apart from Kapu’s it Settibalija and SC’s that dominate the Godavari regions. Knowing this fact, Pawan has even announced Pithani Balakrishna officially as the first MLA candidate from this region.

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If these both communities also extend their support along with Kapu’s for Janasena, the political equation will change completely. As many as more than 20 lakh people belong to Settibalija community in Godavari region followed by SC’s as well, it would definitely give an upper hand when compared to any other political party in this region. Pithani Balakrishna has also made a key announcement for organizing Settibalija Maha Sabha on 11th November in Amalapuram.

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