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HomelatestKCR’s New Trump Card: Telangana Self Respect To Woo The Voters

KCR’s New Trump Card: Telangana Self Respect To Woo The Voters

The first CM of the Telangana State KCR just showcased an example of why he became such top leader of the newest State of India. His new weapon unveiled in the yesterday’s Pragathi Nivedhana Sabha explains his stupendous move to win Power.

kcrThe TRS Chief used the anti-Andhra card to gain power in 2014 general elections. The way tagged Andraites as destroyers of Telangana worked wonders for the Pink camp. Voters of Telangana who are already in frustration regarding AP Politicians who are pooling their lands elected KCR declaring him as the true representative of themselves. Cut to the present, the TRS Supreme in his campaign for the upcoming elections left Andhra but opted to blame centre for winning the power yet again.Coming to the most hyped Sabha,In the grand event of the other day, KCR asked the people if they let Centre control the Telangana with its regional wing ( he referred to the National parties of BJP and Congress) or let themselves( TRS )control their own state. He cleverly locked his voters to bring up the Telangana sentiment once more to make them fall for his trap. With KCR’s stunning speech, an average voter would think twice before voting to any National party than TRS which was originated and lead by Telanganite KCR.KCR finally concluded his speech by declaring that the TRSComing to the most hyped Sabha, KCR disappointed many by not taking a stand on the early polls. He asked the people to wait patiently for a good announcement from the TRS camp anytime soon. KCR finally concluded his speech by declaring that the TRS has started working for its manifesto which comprises of interests of the common man.

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