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KCR’s master plan to win BC votes

KCR’s master plan to win BC votes

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The Chief Minister of Telangana, KCR is taking the upcoming general elections in a serious way. He is utilizing his brain to its maximum to get the maximum percentage of votes. One of his plans to acquire a community’s votes is in discussions.

The TRS Supreme K.Chandra Sekhar Rao has started taking necessary measures to ensure TRS win in the 2019’s D-day. Thus he is moving pawns accordingly to eliminate all possible threats which can divert his vote bank. Lately, the TDP MLA R.Krishnaiah has become a new headache for KCR as he was declared as TDP’s CM candidate for his BC background. Also, the indications from the TDP MLA about floating a new party is giving chills to TRS camp because he has the potential to cash and split the BC votes from the ruling party. In addition to this, the TDP National Chief Chandrababu Naidu also declared that Krishnaiah as the BC leader in Telangana.

KCR is now directing his party members to hold talks with this BC leader in order to stop his efforts of floating a new party. Instead, KCR is luring Krishnaiah with juicy posts which are almost impossible to reject. If the talks become a success, then TDP would lose another potential leader after Revanth Reddy and its a huge advantage to TRS government. For now, there is no official announcement from TRS camp about this news but reliable sources indirectly confirmed this piece of news.

However, some critics opine that Krishnaiah would rather float a new party than joining TRS. Meanwhile, the TDP head CBN is also in talks with this BC leader in order to hold him in the Telangana TDP camp for the upcoming general elections. Both political lovers and analysts are curious about the future proceedings of this matter.

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