KCR’s Special Love Towards Nandamuri Family Winning Hearts


The Telangana CM KCR is a huge fan of late NTR. Even after the death of this TDP founder, KCR maintained healthy relationships with the family members of NTR. His love and admiration towards the Nandamuri family are proved yet again with his recent acts.KCR started his Political journey with the TDP ticket. Since then had good bonding with Hari Krishna. Being a cabinet minister in CBN’s ruling, KCR and Hari Krishna used to be colleagues since 1999.telangana cm kcrCut to the present, KCR became the CM of Telangana whereas Hari Krishna breathed his last the other day. Knowing the death news of Hari Krishna, KCR rushed to the house of Hari Krishna to pay homage to his good friend. He consoled Kalyan Ram and NTR Jr like a big brother to the house and declared that Hari Krishna’s final rites would be paid with the Telangana State honours. Not stopping there, this TRS Chief has allocated 450 yards of ground next to Hari Krishna’s resting place in Maha Prasthanam to build his memorial by his family members. kcr’s special love towards nandamuri family winning heartsDespite the fact that the demised is an Andhra Politician, KCR did his honours for the fact that Hari Krishna was once Cabinet Minister and an MP such that he has every right to get such respect. Many praise KCR’s kinds gesture towards Hari Krishna whereas his haters sling mud on his character by declaring that KCR is doing all this for wooing the AP settlers in Hyderabad for their votes.ap settlers in hyderabad for their votes.


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