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“Paper Boy” Review News – Telugu Bullet Movie Review

Cast: Santosh Shoban, Riya Suman, and Tanya Hope
Director: Jaya Shankar
Music: Bheems
Producer: Sampath Nandi
Banner: Sampath Nandi TeamWorks
PRO: Vamsi ShekaPaper Boy Telugu Movie Tring… Tring… Paper… Finally, Paper Boy reached theatres… This youthful entertainer created super buzz with trailer and teaser. All are expecting a feel-good love story. The freshness in the teaser and trailer lock the many teen and young hearts. Mahesh Babu and Prabhas also gave appreciations to the team. Moreover, Geetha Arts take over the distribution arts. Though, Geeta Arts doesn’t take a film easily. So, the expectation levels are increased. Sampath Nandi’s production, Jayasankar’s direction, Santhosh Sobhan’s action, Bheems’ composition … Just now they have Arrived… Let’s see Paper Boy News…

Movie Plot:

Sampath Nandi Paper BoyThe story begins in Mumbai. Megha(Tanya Hope) finds an unknown diary and she reads that. That is a story of a paper boy. A B.Tech graduate Ravi (Santhosh Sobhan) tries to get a job though he works as a paperboy. Actually, he loves poetry and unexpectedly falls in love with Dharani (Riya Suman). She also loves poetry as well as Ravi. They love each other and make the marriage proposals in their houses. Actually, Dharani is a daughter a millionaire, so Dharani’s family don’t accept her proposal. But, finally, the families accept their love and ready to tie them. Unexpectedly, the marriage stops due to a reason just before the day of the marriage. Now, what is the reason? Who is the reason behind this? Could they marry again? On the big screen…


 Paper Boy new movieNowadays, the audiences encourage the new formulaic films. But, some movies still come with old plots. This movie also like that as per the plot. Though, a boy and love each other and their families don’t accept their marriage because of different reasons. But, finally, they accepted their marriage and all is well. Now, this Paper Boy’s plot also like that but with small changes. Other than plot the screenplay is good, and it is full of freshness and romantic breeze. Actually, Sampath Nandi stories are very commercial without including new experimental lines. So, he applies the same flavor to this movie also. Though 100’s of movies came in Telugu with this storyline, some got success with an entertaining screenplay. Now, this Paper Boy can get the place in that row. The narrating style of the director was good. Director Jaya Shankar owned some experience with his short films. So, that helps him somewhat.paper boy priya movieSantosh Sobhan and Riya Suma’s actings are superb. Santhosh improved his acting ability and that exposed in this movie. Tanya hope and other artists in the film did a good job. As like that, Raman and Bithri Sathi’s comedy episodes are too hilarious. The cinematography was ultimate and it takes the cinema to the next level. Though music is okay, the background music was heart touching and amazing. Felt that director didn’t use the artists properly such as Mahesh Vitta and RX100 Laxman.
paper boy movie ratingFinally, this movie will be connected to youngsters. Because only love can disturb a human and maximum of youngsters have a story in their life. And, it was filled up with natural and fresh love.

Telugu Bullet Punchline – Paper Boy… An HONEST LOVE STORY.

Telugu Bullet Rating – 2.75/5

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