Tuesday, September 27, 2022
HomelatestY.S Jagan Claims To Separate Anakapalle From Visakhapatnam

Y.S Jagan Claims To Separate Anakapalle From Visakhapatnam

The YSRCP Chief is obsessed with altering the AP districts these days. After pledging the Krishna District people to change the name as NTR district, he targets Anakapalli voters with his new promotion.Jagan is continuing his Praja Sankalpa Yatra as a part of his election campaign. He recently entered the constitution of Anakapalli, the border of Visakhapatnam district. Talking to the attended crowds, he stated that Anakapalli people are suffering from the hiked cost of living with more taxes post the merging of this town into GVMC. Jagan’s new promise immediately So he promised them to separate Anakapalli from Visakhapatnam and make it as another district in the bifurcated AP. This promise will be fulfilled if and only if people make him the Chief Minister of this State. Jagan’s new promise immediately gone viral within no time. Likewise renaming Krishna District, this separate Anakapalli news startled the ruling party leaders a bit and they are cursing themselves for not getting innovative ideas like Jagan. Seems the PK batch has done their research extensively in the area of Uttarandhra. This is said to be a good start to the Uttarandhra region after Narsipatnam public meeting.jagan promised them to separate Anakapalli His Padha Yatra crossed the magical mark of 2,800 kilometres and racing towards the milestone of 3000 kilometres. In Visakhapatnam, it is heavily speculated that some leaders from TDP and BJP are enthusiastic to join YSRCP when the son of late YSR arrives in the steel city.

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