Power Star To Super Star… @S J Suryah

Power Star To Super Star... @S J Suryah

S.J.Suryah a well-known director, and actor. He had worked in hotels while trying for film chances. Now, he is the well-known artist in the South Indian Film Industry. Sorry, not only south, now north also. Yes, he makes his debut in Bollywood with none other than Indian Superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Actually, SJ Suryah very passionate artist, he loves acting. But, laterally he converted to direction also. As that, he gave us a Kushi as well as Puli also. Of course, we know his stamina. Though, his acting in the Spyder movie was magnificent.Superstar AmitabhNow, his debut in Bollywood as an actor or director? No doubt at all, as an actor. Interestingly, Superstar Amitabh makes his debut in Tamil with this film. This film is a bilingual film that releases in both Tamil and Hindi. And, Tha Tamilvaanan is the director of this film. SJ Suryah said, “Making this announcement itself feels like I tasted success. I am sure the content of Uyarndha Manithan will go beyond boundaries.”Amitabhji. Even AR MurugadossHe added, “I have to thank the producer, Suresh Kannan, for relentlessly trying to meet Amitabhji. Even AR Murugadoss has a huge role to play; he gave me Spyder and he also gave me the Indian Superstar. When we met Amitabhji, I was awestruck by his charisma. I’m really excited that he is in our film. And that I’m making my Hindi debut with him. And, we also have to thank AVM for giving us the title Uyarndha Manidhan to us. The film had Sivaji sir, and this one will have Amitabhji.”

Sj Suryah Rajni sir askedDirector Tamilvaanan said, “When I had written the script, I only had two actors in my mind for the leads – SJ Suryah and Amitabh Bachchan. Suryah was convinced and I’m really happy though it took us a while, Amitabhji is also on board.” He added, “We required 40 days of Amitabh sir’s schedule. But, his schedule is jam-packed with 12 commercials and Kaun Banega Crorepati. He asked if we could complete the film in 35 days and we agreed.”

S J SuryahMoreover, another Superstar Rajnikanth has unveiled the film’s poster. On interacting with Sj Suryah Rajni sir asked, “How did you manage to bring Big B here?” SJ Suryah answered, “We were waiting for his dates for two years. Also, Tamilvaanan had a strong script in hand.” Rajnikanth sir also welcomed his friend Amitabh Bachchan with a sweet message. He said, “I extend my heartily welcome to my friend Amitabh. He being a part of Tamil cinema makes the industry blessed. Also, I’m happy that Suryah is making his debut with this film. I hoe Uyarndha Manithan turns out to be successful.”


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