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HomelatestA Mother's Emotion Is Priceless- Asian Games Gold Winner Swapna Barman

A Mother’s Emotion Is Priceless- Asian Games Gold Winner Swapna Barman

A Mother's Emotion Is Priceless- Asian Games Gold Winner Swapna Barman

Swapna Barman, she is an Indian Heptathlete. Now, she is proud of India. She won the gold medal in Asian Games 2018. As like that, in 2017, she won the Gold medal in Asian Athletics championship. Barman collapsed during the final event of the 2017 Asian Athletics Championships – Women’s heptathlon which was the 800 meters. However, Barman had broken many of her personal records and she had already gained enough points from the previous six events and she had finished fourth in the 800 meters.


Swapna Barman Family Backdrop:

Her mother Basana worked on a tea estate and her father, Panchanan Barman, was a rickshaw driver. and is bed-ridden after having suffered a stroke in 2013, making life tricky for his four children. She found it difficult to find the right food and her unusual feet caused her pain because she could not afford extra wide running shoes. Swapna uses her prize money to look after her family who lives in a house without a concrete wall.


In 2016 she won a scholarship of 150,000 rupees in recognition of the success she had at athletics. She currently trains at the Sports Authority of India campus at Kolkata.


Everywhere on the earth, the mother feels happy when her children win something. If it may in school level, city level or state level and national level. If a girl won in International level, then what would be her mother’s reaction to that? Definitely, emotional tears come out from that mother’s eyes. Moreover, here Swapna’s mother gone collapsed with the heights of that happiness. Really, it makes us feel and cry also. Some will be connected emotionally to that incident.


Though, her mother’s emotional video gone viral on social media. It really makes goosebumps with tears.

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