Amit Shah Pacifist-BJP Regarding KCR Meet With Modi

The BJP National head Amit Shah landed

At one side, the heads of BJP is trying to form an alliance with the TRS Chief KCR, the Telangana leaders of BJP are quite terrified. Looking at the importance given to the Telangana CM by their party heads, T-BJP cadre arranged a discussion with the Supreme Amit Shah.Amit Shah Pacifist-BJP Regarding KCR Meet With ModiThe BJP National head Amit Shah landed in Hyderabad regarding some party affairs. The T-BJP leaders received their head with due respect and held a meeting with him. In this party’s internal meeting, it is learnt that the BJP leaders of the newest state have disclosed their concern on giving much importance to KCR. They dared to point out the fact that Modi is giving more appointments to KCR than any other CM in the South is observed in a wrong perspective by the voters. BJP leaders of Telangana declared that BJP would get no benefit if it follows KCR’s snap polls.amith sha and modiThe Supreme Amit Shah in rather relaxed tone declared that the meetings between KCR and Modi shall be seen as the meeting of Statesmen representing the government. He stated that one should not see meetings as completely political all the time. On this regard, Amit Shah reportedly disclosed that even though PM granted him for the snap polls, KCR should face the heat from the Election Commission, which is not an easy thing to win.

TRS will not suppress BJPFinally, Amit Shah ensured that the alliance with TRS will not suppress BJP’s care at any cost and ended his meeting by declaring that maintaining relations with TRS is important as TDP went out of the NDA alliance.


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