Babayi & Abbayilu Are Together @Video


Babayi & Abbayilu Are Together

Really, it is a good thing but the time is not in good time. Actually, for many years all Nandamuri fans want to see Ballayya and Jr.NTR together. Though, After the 2009 elections, they didn’t meet accurately. Even, in events also, they didn’t meet but now they have come together. Unfortunately, 5 years back Janakiram was died by accident at the same place. After that, really, Kalyan Ram and Jr.NTR’s bonding was developed and they have tight bonding now. Actually, they have not a good communication with Balayya for a long time.

Nandamuri Family


The fans’ Happiness and Sadness:

Now, today they are talking together but there us no Harikrishna gaaru to see this. Though, almost film industry persons went to see him. Because Harikrishna sir has the healthy relations with everyone. Actually, the actors such as Krishnam Raju, Nagarjuna and others have felt deeply with this incident. Krishnam Raju has cried while talking with the press.

Actually, all are in sad for Hari Krishna sir’s death at the same time happy for Ballaya’s meet with Kalyan Ram and Jr NTR.



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