Pragathi Nivedhana Sabha Is On: Declares The High Court

kcr in high court

The High Court of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh has revealed its verdict in favour of the ruling party TRS regarding its grand meeting in September. It declares that the TRS can go ahead with the arrangements for the most hyped Pragathi Nivedhana Sabha which will be organised on 2nd of next month.Pragathi Nivedhana Sabha Is On

To have the snap polls, the TRS Chief KCR has planned a mega event with as many as 25 lakhs of people to showcase the power of the Pink party. On this stage, the Telangana Chief Minister KCR is expected to make some shocking revelations and declare stunning offers to the voters to regain power. To stop this huge event which requires a lot of money and infrastructure to transport and accommodate 25 lakhs of people, a lawyer named Poojari Sridhar filed a Public Interest Litigation in the High Court. Declares The High CourtThe Judges considered this PIL and asked part-time environmental activist Sridhar to explain his case. Sridhar explained that this Big meet is not good for the people and it will cause a lot of damage to the environment. He urged the Judge to grant a stay on this meeting. But the Advocate General who defend the ruling party explained that there will be no harm to any human and environment with this meeting as all the arrangements have already done.Hearing to both sides, the High Court ruled in favour of TRS. Excited TRS leaders continued making arrangements to this Public meeting. Ahead of the elections, this meeting is very crucial to the CM KCR.


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