Kesineni’s Counter To BJP MP Regarding Agri Gold


The BJP MP Ram Madhav had fallen into the mud by making unwanted comments on the TDP leaders regarding the most controversial Agri Gold scam. TDP MP Kesineni Nani, however, reverted back at the BJP MP with a sharp counter. It all started when the BJP MP Ram Madhav in his recent press meet in Vijayawada tried to sling mud on TDP in the name of Agri Gold scam. He claimed that the TDP Government failed to compensate the losses to victims nor it tried to solve the issue.

Immediately, Kesineni Nani counted Ram Madhav by declaring that it is BJP National Chief Amit Shah who created a hurdle for saving Agri Gold scam. Nani clearly explained that a company named Essel Zee tried to buy the properties of Agri Gold for 4,000 crores but at the last minute, Amit Shah entered the deal and made the Zee company walk out of the deal for Political gains.

 kesineni nani counted ram madhav

In other words, Amit Shah deliberately cancelled this deal indirectly to make CBN a failure in saving the victims of this scam. Nani’s excellent counter and Ram Madhav’s poor tactics worked badly for BJP. Agri Gold scam dates back to the year 2014 were 36 lakhs of victims across South India lost their hard money. The total scam totals almost 6,000 crores and AP Government tried its best to save some of the victims by depositing 60,000 rupees in small accounts.


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