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Pawan Kalyan’s Craze To Dent YSRCP?

As the elections are approaching in less than a year by now, many online and media surveys are giving their results. Especially the mainstream Telugu media which is partially controlled by the ruling party of AP declares its result in favour of TDP.

 Despite growing charisma to the Janasena

Despite growing charisma to the Janasena, these surveys declare single digit seats to Janasena and vote bank. In one of a recent survey, it came to know that Pawan Kalyan would get 3% vote bank in YSRCP dominated Rayalaseema region. But these anti-Janasena channels also agreeing the fact that the BCs who favoured TDP in 2014 is with Pawan Kalyan for 2019 elections. Even though this percentage is low, it would dent the vote bank of YSRCP as the anti-TDP votes are attracted by Janasena. This results in indirect help to the TDP and would make YSRCP weaker than the past.

Political analysts opine that Pawan Kalyan who is fighting against TDP and CBN would end up helping him by reducing the Opposition party’s votes. Maybe the Janasenani is unaware of this fact or he is not in a mood to calculate statistics. His complete focus is on bringing a new change in Politics with his set of principles.

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