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Have A Glance At The Two New Cabinet Ministers

The clever Politician Chandrababu Naidu made the good use of his two left Cabinet seats for the mileage of his party. He induced two new leaders into his cabinet which apparently made the news. Post the break up with the NDA alliance, BJP leaders resigned the two occupied posts in CBN’s cabinet way back.

TDP MLA of Araku

Since then, the TDP National Chief is waiting for the right moment to fill these seats. The day has arrived and he made Farooq as the Minority Welfare Minister and Kidari Sravan as the Tribal Welfare Minister. Farooq is a senior most Minority leader who has been working since the times of late NTR to the present day restlessly.

TDP National Chief is waiting

After all these years, he got the opportunity to get the much-needed cabinet post.Kidari Sravan is the son of late TDP MLA of Araku, Kidari Sarveswara Rao who got encountered by Maoists recently. Sravan got his cabinet seat as a token of TDP’s gratitude towards the Kidari family. These two leaders took the oath and became the State Ministers in the new capital Amaravati the other day.

NTR to the present day restlessly

CBN, the master strategist who is working hard to gain the vote bank of Minorities and Tribal community got two birds with one shot. Now that Farooq representing Minorities like Muslim votes and Shravan hailing from the Tribal community, needless to say, TDP would get minimum votes from their respective communities. However, these two ministers have just hardly 9 months to serve their portfolios.

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