Not Interested To Form An Alliance With TRS: Kishan Reddy

Not Interested To Form An Alliance With TRS

The BJP leader of Telangana Hari Kishan Reddy made fresh remarks on the acting CM KCR. He slammed KCR for calling BJP as Garib Party in his recent press conference.Ex MLA of BJP Kishan Reddy lambasted the TRS Chief KCR for his claims of calling his pink party as Secular. Kishan questions the secularism of the Pink car driver by asking the reason of not finding single Muslim leader among existing Muslims in the entire Telangana. He asked KCR to win without the support of MIM party in the upcoming elections. Kishan Reddy pointed out at the TRS head’s free gifts to the AIMIM party by allocating lands to construct the party’s office in many places. This former MLA of BJP backed their party BJP as Poor Men’s party but not a Poor party.

Kishan Reddy utilised this meet to declare his party

Kishan Reddy utilised this meet to declare his party’s opinion on a possible alliance with the TRS party for the early polls. He opined that BJP will not join hands with some regional party which is going to support MIM. He pointed out at KCR’s promise to the Muslim voters to increase their reservations to 12% if he regains power. With this comments of Kishan, the alliance is off for now but the BJP camp still remains silent on the post-poll alliance for the Lok Sabha elections. Meanwhile, the MIM are claiming that they can get the CM seat like Kumarasamy’s JDS in Karnataka while TRS, BJP and TPCC fight to form a government in Telangana.


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