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HomelatestKonda Surekha Blames KTR For His Ticket Denial

Konda Surekha Blames KTR For His Ticket Denial

The ex-Congress leader Konda Surekha is furious on her Boss KCR and his family for not allotting her the party ticket to contest as an MLA. She demands a detailed explanation from KCR regarding his ticket denial.

Congress leader Konda Surekha
Surekha who enjoyed posts in the regime of YSR joined prior to the elections of 2014. Since then, she is limited to the local politics but never got a chance to serve in any level of the ruling party. Leaving the past elections, she pinned huge hopes on the upcoming polls expecting a ticket for her at any cost. Unfortunately, Surekha couldn’t find her name in the released list of 104 candidates by the TRS Head KCR. This ex MLA of Congress is fuming on the TRS biggies by claiming that she has spent a lot for the party whenever there existed any bi-elections even though KCR failed to fulfil all his promises to her family. She reminded the fact that the TRS head offered an MLA seat for her and an MLC seat for her husband but in reality, they were shown an empty hand in 2014 and now as well.

Shockingly Surekha blamed KTR Shockingly Surekha blamed KTR for her ticket denial. According to her, KTR forced his father to discard her name from the candidates. Now she is in a thought of shifting back to the Congress if the party TRS fails to give her perfect and detailed explanation.

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