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HomelatestKodali Nani, Showing His Loyalty To Hari Krishna’s Family

Kodali Nani, Showing His Loyalty To Hari Krishna’s Family

The YSRCP MLA Kodali Nani received a huge emotional blow with the news of Hari Krishna’s death. Being the best friend and well-wisher to the NTR Jr, this YSRCP leader showcased his love, care and gratitude by supporting the family of Hari Krishna.

Gudivada MLA carried the body of Hari Krishna

Yesterday, the entire state of AP was shaking by the death of Hari Krishna. Involved in a brutal car accident at around 6:30 A.M. yesterday, his body was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital and declared as died by the doctors. Nani rocketed to the hospital and blown away watching his best friend’s dead body. Since then, he has been with the family members of NTR Jr and extended his support to each and every member in their dire situation. This Gudivada MLA carried the body of Hari Krishna from Ambulance into the home with his own hands along with NTR Jr and Kalyan Ram. He was seen many times consoling the two sons of Hari Krishna throughout the day.

kodali nani and harikrishna

Talking to the Press, Nani expressed his sadness over the death of his best friend. He declared that if it was not for Hari Krishna’s call, he wouldn’t have entered the Politics in his lifetime. Nani was introduced into Politics by Hari Krishna and he was made Telugu Youth leader of Krishna District by the latter. Nani proved his loyalty by involving in each and every work that was done yesterday at Hari Krishna’s residence. Today, the Telangana Government is going to pay homage to Hari Krishna with state honours and Nani is personally making all the necessary arrangements.

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