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Movie Review Of @Narthanasala – Telugu Bullet

Cast: Naga Shaurya, Kashmira, Yamini Bhaskar
Director: Srinivas Chakravarthi
Banner: IRA Creations
Producer: Usha Mulpuri
Digital: MNS Gowtham
Music: Mahati Swara Sagar
Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao & Tammi Raju
Dop: Vijay C Kumar
Art Director: Kiran Kumar Manne


The teaser was good, the songs were good, the confidence of the team was too good. @Narthanasala is good or not? Naga Shaurya’s latest entry is @Narthanasala. Basically, if a hero plays a gay character, that was very interesting to see. Though, Shaurya’s imitations and gestures in the teaser reminded the gay character. So, audiences excited about this movie also for Narthanasala title secret. Finally, the movie released today and the result is…… A close view of @Narthanasala…

Movie Plot:


Kalmandir Kalyan(Sivaji) loves his father. Though, his father falls into depression due to Kalyan mother’s death. Though, Kalyan wants to make his father happy. So, he hopes for daughter. Because he feels that his father may happy by seeing Kalyan’s daughter as his mother. But, Kalyan’s gives birth to the boy(Naga Shaurya). So, Kalyan tries to make happy his father by dressing his with girls’ wearing clothes. He does it every time. Unexpectedly, the secret reveals by an astrologer and the astrologer says that “your son will get a husband in his life”. So, how is it possible? How does Shaury’s life go? The secrets revealed on the big screen… What about the movie…? An analysis is here…



Actually, a buzz was created on this movie because of a new director and Shaury’s home banner. Though, new directors bring new stories to entertain audiences. So, automatically an interest was created. As hoping, director attracts with opening scenes. And, flashback story, hero introduction, and his lifestyle create an excitement to watch it curiously. But, as going the film, all the expectations split out and the film comes to the general version. Though the first half makes feel bored, an interest still in the brain about the second half. The regular old movie’s formulas clearly visible in this.


The directional errors also disadvantage point for this film. The expectations on the sequences that Hero’s supportive nature for girls and the gay character’s scenes are not so fulfilled. Though some entertainment existed in the film, the audiences may not satisfy with this film due to direction and screenplay. Even the performances of all actors also wasted due to the uninterested screenplay. But, Sivajiraja and priest’s episode was somewhat good.

narthanasala movie

As overall, impressing the hero with a new point is the first step but should go with proper story and screenplay. Other than, the results will be like @Narthanasala. So, a director should maintain a proper bounded script as said by film giants.

Telugu Bullet Rating – 1.75/5

Telugu Bullet Punchline – Feel it could not do perfect justify to the name “Narthanasala”


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