Kodandaram’s TJS In Huge Troubles: Completely Lost Deposits


The most hyped party of Telangana after TRS is the Prof Kodandaram’s Telangana Jana Samithi. Founded and lead by this Telangana Professor, the party’s poor show in the snap polls bagged more headaches to the Chief.If we can recollect, Kodandaram played a crucial role in leading all the Telangana JACs during the time of Telangana Movement in 2014. He along with KCR and Osmania Students JAC worked hard and achieved Telangana. Since then, Kodandaram gathered following and status of his own among the people of Telangana. Post TRS’s win in 2014, he has been sidelined by the ruling party and this irked the Professor.

He founded and pledged to defeat KCR in the upcoming elections. He finally tied up with the Congress and became a member of Praja Kutami for the snap polls. For those who believed that TJS would dent TRS votes, the party which contested in eight places lost their deposits in almost seven places. With this, the party TJS lost its charm.This disastrous show of TJS is now inviting unwanted headaches to the Chief. As it lost deposits, the EC which assigned the Match Box symbol might cancel the symbol. If it happens, it will be a flop show for this party in the upcoming local body elections of Telangana.


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