Ram Charan success trails..

Koratala Shiva huge remuneration

Ram Charan offers 15crores Remuneration For Koratala Shiva

Koratala Shiva huge remuneration

Tollywood heroes are continuously bagging hits, while Ram Charan is in a pace of one hit and two flops. After the movie Dhruva, Ram Charan is currently working on his next project ‘Rangastalam 1985’. Everyone expects the movie to be a blockbuster success. Even Ram Charan is struggling hard to make this movie a hit. With this movie It would be a hat trick for Ram Charan. According to the latest reports Koratala Shiva huge remuneration is 15crores.

On the other hand, Ram Charan has to do a movie with Koratala Shiva under Bandra Ganesh’s direction. The project got a break, due to some reasons. Later Koratala Shiva is up with a list of films which are huge hits at box office. Probably, with Koratala’s demand, Ram Charan is trying to make a film back with him. For this purpose, he offers a huge remuneration of 15crores through his banner. Though officially it says 15crores, the reports reveal the remuneration might be around 20crores.

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