Kriti Sanon’s mother Geeta supports ‘Adipurush’


‘Adipurush’ is backed by Kriti Sanon’s mother Geeta.

Geeta Sanon, the mother of actress Kriti Sanon, has expressed support for the film ‘Adipurush’ amidst widespread criticism. In a cryptic Instagram post, she emphasized the importance of understanding emotions and criticized those who have been negative towards the movie, overlooking its positive aspects.

kriti sanon’s mother geeta supports ‘adipurush’
Kriti Sanon’s mother Geeta supports ‘Adipurush’

Geeta Sanon wrote in Hindi, “Jai Shri Ram. Jaki rahi bhavna jaisi, prabhu moorat dekhi tin tesi.” The essence of her message is that when you view things with a positive mindset and perspective, the world appears beautiful. She further highlighted the teachings of Lord Ram, emphasizing the need to focus on the love in Shabri’s offering rather than the fact that they were partially eaten. Geeta Sanon emphasized the importance of understanding people’s emotions rather than solely focusing on their mistakes.

The film ‘Adipurush’, featuring Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, and Kriti Sanon, has faced controversy over its dialogues, which some individuals have criticized as being “tapori” (street slang). The All Indian Cine Workers Association (AICWA) even urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ban the film, claiming that it defames the image of Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman. Directed by Om Raut, ‘Adipurush’ has generated significant discussion and debate.


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