KT Rama Rao Urges Unity and Focus Amidst Party Departures


Amidst the departure of key leaders ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, BRS working president KT Rama Rao rallied the party cadre, pledging to lead them to victory in the upcoming elections. Addressing a parliamentary preparatory meeting in Chevella, he called for unity and collective effort to advance the party’s agenda and secure wins in their respective constituencies.

Rama Rao refrained from commenting on the exit of senior leaders, urging patience for time to judge their decisions. He criticized the defection of former Minister Patnam Mahender Reddy and Chevella MP G Ranjith Reddy to the Congress, labeling it as betrayal, and called for retaliation at the ballot box.

Challenging Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy’s sincerity and political affiliations, Rama Rao demanded clarity on his alignment with Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi. He ridiculed Revanth Reddy for refusing to contest from Malkajgiri constituency and accused him of aligning Congress with BJP’s interests in Telangana.

Asserting the importance of regional parties in countering BJP’s influence, Rama Rao warned that voting for Congress would only benefit BJP in the Lok Sabha polls. He wished Revanth Reddy a full term to fulfill his promises and emphasized the significance of supporting Chevella candidate Kasani Gnaneshwar, highlighting his dedication to marginalized communities and the state’s development.


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