Sriranga Neethulu Trailer Unveils a Mystery


Get ready to meet an unusual bunch of characters! The upcoming film “Sriranga Neethulu,” releasing in theaters on April 11th, just dropped its trailer, giving us a glimpse into their lives.

The Sriranga Neethulu trailer introduces us to four very different people. Suhas plays a guy with a head-scratching habit of jumping walls, much to his mom’s dismay. We also see Viraj Ashwin and Ruhani Sharma in a long-term relationship, but Ruhani seems hesitant to tell her dad. Then there’s Karthik Rathnam, a character battling smoking and alcohol addiction who gets annoyed by unsolicited advice.

The trailer cleverly piques our curiosity without revealing how these seemingly unconnected lives intertwine. What’s the story behind these characters? What brings them together? We’ll have to wait and see when the movie hits the big screen!

Watch Sriranga Neethulu Trailer here >>>


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