KTR and Lokesh New Beggers


KTR and Lokesh New Beggers

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KTR and Lokesh New Beggers: Communist Narayana is popular as chicken Narayana, the CPI National Secretary, Narayana, have made comments on the sons of two Telugu states Chief Ministers. He criticized KTR who said Narayana was not known and Nara Lokesh for saying Vijayawada is backward because of communists. He also said, “Both the new beggars ask your fathers to know about yourself”.

Narayana is the CPI Senior Leader No Doubt He is a good fighter too, Beyond the strategist. But in many instances, he doesn’t stop slipping words. Now the same habit has become a habit. It is interesting to know what KTR and Lokesh react to Narayan’s comments.

TRS leaders are naturally said to be great opposers. If the Congress leaders once criticized TRS is made to take revenge in hundred ways. The TRS leaders made a special


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