NTR denies to take Hike in remuneration

hike in NTR remuneration

hike in NTR remuneration For Big Boss show

Due to Big Boss show, Star Maa is in the no.1 position. Since a period of time, though Star Maa is trying to gain the first place, due to the other channel it couldn’t be in the top. After Star Maa introducing Big Boss, Star Maa has reached the top place in rating. Audience got tuned to the channel to watch the show. Hence the show came to the top, Star maa has decided to make a hike in NTR remuneration.

NTR is seen in the show on Saturday and sunday. Fir these two days of the week NTR receives remuneration of 35lakhs. Now, Star maa decides to make a hike of 45lakhs adding 10lakhs to his remuneration. But, NTR denies the offer of hike. He rather asks to add on the money to the participants. As a result, the participants are receiving more remuneration. Due to this reason, Eliminated participants Jyothi Madhu priya has received more remuneration. Even Sampu who left the show didn’t pay the fine for Big Boss show. With this decision of NTR, participants and NTR fans are very happy.

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