New Participant Into Big Boss


New Participant Into Big Boss

New Participant Into Big Boss: The Big Boss show, that is to be telecasted in Star Maa Tv revealed the wild card entry details. The show was initially contacted Anasuya but due to her busy schedule, she could not come. Many more celebrities were contacted regarding the show but no one was interested to participate in the Bigbas show. There was no craze for her in the two states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Most of the Telugu viewers do not even know who she is. They should know why they chose such initiation.

Many stars who are well known but not popular are crazy to participate in Big Boss show. But the organizers took the budget in mind and chose Deeksha Panth. Some people believe that she adds color to the show and some feel boring with Deeksha Panth entry in big boss. Overall, Biggas show managers have been criticized for the decision taken by the organizers. After the first week of the day, we all wish that Deeksha Pant will be familiar to all and should impress viewers.

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