KTR Ensures Fool-Proof and Transparent Selection Process for 2BHK Beneficiaries


KTR Ensures Fool-Proof and Transparent Selection Process for 2BHK Beneficiaries:

K.T. Rama Rao (KTR), the Municipal Minister, emphasized that the selection process for 2BHK beneficiaries is transparent and free from public representatives’ involvement. He announced that the state government is set to distribute 13,300 free housing units on September 21 in the GHMC limits as part of the second phase.

During a review meeting at Talasani Srinivas Yadav’s office regarding the 2BHK distribution program, Rama Rao highlighted the success of the first phase, where 11,700 houses were provided to the underprivileged without any complications. He underlined the government’s commitment to providing high-quality, 560-square-foot double-bedroom houses, each valued at Rs 50 lakh in the market, free of charge to those in need. The total cost of constructing one lakh such houses in the city amounts to Rs 9,100 crore, with a market value of approximately Rs 50,000 crore. Rama Rao emphasized the transparency of the beneficiary selection process, which is computer-based and conducted in front of the media.

He stated that MLAs and public representatives have no role in selecting eligible beneficiaries, as the government has entrusted this responsibility to relevant authorities. The minister warned that officials responsible for irregularities in double-bedroom house construction will face consequences, and collectors are responsible for ensuring a flawless process.

ktr ensures fool-proof and transparent selection process for 2bhk beneficiaries-0-min
KTR Ensures Fool-Proof and Transparent Selection Process for 2BHK Beneficiaries-0-min

Additionally, he mentioned the upcoming Grihalakshmi scheme and ongoing efforts to finalize guidelines for notarial properties in Hyderabad. Rama Rao highlighted the positive impact of various programs, such as double-bedroom houses and notarial properties, benefiting up to 20,000 people in each Assembly constituency. He also expressed readiness to address encroachments in the Musi catchment area to facilitate the construction of double-bedroom houses

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