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HomelatestKTR Astonished At Settlers’ Questions In The Press Meet

KTR Astonished At Settlers’ Questions In The Press Meet

Seems the Andhraites who got settled in the Telangana came to know their vote power in the Telangana elections. With strong voice and questions, for the first time, they troubled the TRS party and its leader KTR. Going into the details, KTR arranged a special program with the Settlers in Nizamabad. With three constituencies Serilingampally and its represented MLA Gandhi, Kukatpally and its MLA Krishna Rao and Jubilee Hills representative Gopinadh, KTR formed the dias.


He selected 21 speakers from the three constituencies to speak and address their concerns to the IT Minister. Almost all the speakers blamed the TRS Chief KCR for his brutal comments on Andhraites in each and every meeting of his. Not stopping there, the Settlers demanded the TRS to stop unwanted comments and counters on CBN by declaring that blaming CBN is almost equal to blaming Andhraites.

KTR spoke in an apologetic

With rather perplexed face, KTR spoke in an apologetic way and explained to them that Criticism is very common in all Political parties. He himself assured complete safety for them in Telangana and asked them not to take Political counters as real. This is a rare situation where a dynamic leader like KTR appeared confused and dull with the unexpected questions of AP Settlers. KTR is clever enough to know that they can influence as many as 25 seats in the entire Telangana.

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