KTR Started To Panic

Posted August 9, 2017 at 19:23

KTR Started To Panic

KTR Started To PanicKTR Started To Panic: The Nerella incident created sensational not only in Telangana but also in the country. Crackdown sand lorries causing a series of accidents. There were criticisms in the national media that the found victims were beaten by police officers.for dropping off the police station as they found them unaware of the suspicion. Even the victims are angry with the government since KTR did not visit even after 15 days.

KTR silently and unknowingly visited the victims in Vemulawada hospital. That means he went to Vembulava constituency but not his place.

Besides, KTR asked to forgive the media for not giving prior information. Ketiar, who has always been aggressive, has been scared and frightened this time.