KTR’s Sweet Warning To His TRS Leaders

KTR’s Sweet Warning To His TRS Leaders

The dynamic minister KTR in his recent meet almost passed a strict warning to all his TRS leaders who are irking the Chief KCR regarding the party tickets. Going into the details, the TRS camp had revealed 105 names of his party’s candidates who will be contesting in the upcoming early polls. Maximum of these 105 names are given to the sitting MLAs which is troubling other leaders who are expecting a guaranteed ticket. Former BJP leader who shifted his loyalties to the TRS, Kadiyam Sri Hari is one among such unsatisfied leaders. He demanded the TRS bigwigs to cancel the ticket for the sitting MLA of Ghanpur, Thatikonda Rajaiah as he has bagged bad name in the constituency.

Firm KTR in his party meets declared

Firm KTR in his party meets declared that not one name in the announced 105 tickets is going to change. Later KTR explained to Srihari that if they chance one candidate among 105, then the remaining leaders would start to protest for their tickets and it will be Mayhem within the party. Not stopping there, KTR reminded that despite sacking Rajaiah as Deputy CM of Telangana, he remained loyal to the party and eighty per cent of his voters are ready to make him an MLA yet again. This IT Minister of KCR cabinet is solely managing all the leaders of his party. He assured the remaining leaders to be having nominated posts after the snap polls.


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