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HomelatestJDS Kumaraswamy seeks the help of Telugu CMs:

JDS Kumaraswamy seeks the help of Telugu CMs:

Kumaraswamy Seeks The Help of Telugu CMs

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The results of Karnataka elections gave a bitter experience to the JDS Chief Kumaraswamy. Deeply hurt by the BJP Government, this ex-CM has been writing a new strategy to counter BJP in the future Parliament elections.

Kumaraswamy expressed his confidence on becoming the Chief Minister of Karnataka anyhow. He declared it prior to the elections that he will be the King but not the Kingmaker. To his luck, he managed to win some 40 seats and made peace with Congress for Power. Unfortunately, the BJP backed Governor of Karnataka favored BJP which got 114 seats to form Government despite falling short of the magical figure. After protesting outside the Karnataka Raj Bhavan against BJP and the Centre, Kumaraswamy claimed that BJP completely misused its power to win the elections. He questioned the Centre regarding the reason of BJP which doesn’t have enough seats to conquer CM seat. Not stopping there, Kumaraswamy declared that now people of Karnataka know how BJP is playing with the democracy being in Capital.

This JDS Supreme has asked the two Telugu Chief Ministers KCR and CBN to support him in this regard. He stated that he has met KCR during the Federal Front formation discussions and he is sure that KCR will support him anyhow. On the same note, this son of ex-Prime Minister Deve Gowda expressed his confidence in his good friend Chandrababu Naidu to lend his support to fight against BJP. Already the two Telugu CMs are breathing fire on BJP. Let us see how these two will help Kumaraswamy in this issue. Political analysts feel that despite their rivalry with BJP, the fact that the ego problems between these two Telugu CMs will eventually lead to problems within the Federal Front.

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