Lagadapati’s Survey Hints TDP’s Win

Lagadapati Survey Hints TDP Party Win

Lagadapati Survey Hints TDP Party Win

Posted June 11, 2018, 2:08 pm at 14:08

The faded out famous politician Lagadapati Sridhar is back in this news with his very hyped pre-election survey results. This ex-leader of AP Congress who is far from the party’s affairs post its huge defeat in 2014 elections got something for the AP voters.Lagadapati declared that he would go off from the real-time politics if his party loses in the happened elections. Now that Congress got zero seats and the state got bifurcated, the big adios to the Politics and stayed away with his business.

However, Sridhar didn’t stop himself from conducting his infamous pre-election surveys. It is a known thing that his surveys always matches with 80% of real-time results so these results are considered as authentic to the core. According to this ex-Congress leader, TDP is going to get maximum Assembly seats in the AP to form Government yet again and most of its seats will be from Coastal Andhra Pradesh and Rayalaseema. It is very interesting to know that the YSRCP’s home ground Rayalaseema is giving more seats to TDP than YSRCP. Not stopping there, Lagadapati stated that the most hyped party Janasena will be limited to a single digit number in the whole state and has less influence in the State’s Politics.

Also, the Janasena would win just one seat from each of all the coastal AP districts along with a couple from Uttarandhra. In Rayalaseema, Janasena has to go with an empty hand as per Lagadapati’s surveys.All the trustworthy surveys are favoring the ruling party TDP despite its multiple failures and its inability to get a Special Status. One has to wait and see if all these surveys get reversed after the elections of 2019.

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