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HomelatestYSRCP MPs Saved Once Again With Speakers Tour

YSRCP MPs Saved Once Again With Speakers Tour

YSRCP MPs Saved Once Again

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Be it the sheer luck of the YSRCP MPs or the unknown intentional drama played by YSRCP-BJP, the 5 resigned MPs ware almost out of danger zone. A recent update from the Parliament affairs explains everything regarding this issue.On 6th of April, 5 YSRCP MPs offered their resignation letters as a sign of their protest against the BJP Government for ditching AP in the name of Special Category Status. Later they continued their fight with indefinite fasting but later on, the Parliament Sessions ended on the same day.

Interestingly, the Speaker of Lok Sabha, Sumitra Mahajan offered them chance to explain themselves for the reason to resign in the happened week. Now, the latest twist is that all these 5 MPs who went to meet the Speaker with their explanation letters, the Office staff intimated that the Speaker has been on a tour out of India and it would take good two weeks to return. Meanwhile, these MPs would enter the safe zone of having less than one year remaining in their term.

Which means, their resignations will not be affected as per the constitution and they should continue their term for the remaining period.Experts opine that this is a perfect plan by the BJP-YSRCP duo and they point out at the Speaker for not approving the resignations right away. Also, they state that had if these MPs are determined to the Special Status, they would have resigned at the moment the Speaker rejected their plea of No Confidence Motion. For now, it is indirectly confirmed that there will be no By-elections for these 5 Lok Sabha Places.

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