‘Legend’ Grandmother Sujata Passed Away


Sujata Kumar is Hindi film actress and we know her with Legend movie. She has played the role of grandmother to Balayya in that film. She also acted in Sridevi’s English Vinglish movie and some other films. The reason behind the death is Cancer. In recent days, we see some celebs are struggling with cancer.


A very well known actor Irfan Khan is suffering from Cancer. As like that, Murari heroine Sonali Bendre also on the bed because of cancer. Recently, she has shared a video on Twitter account to wish her son on the occasion of his birthday. Although, that video went viral and touched many hearts with her tears.

Although, we know that our Indian great cricket player Yuvraj Singh also fought with this cancer and recovered from that.  As well as, Actress Gauthami also recovered from cancer. And, Actress Maamatha Mohan Das and Manisha Koirala also Cancer victims. Now, Sujata Kumar killed by Cancer. She has passed away at 11:26 PM.

One thing is, these all are celebrities and we can know about them through the newspapers, channels, or social media and something. But, what about normal people? If rich people can try to cure it but what about poor families. They can’t fight against with cancer. So, NGOs and other social organizations collect donations for them. And, some cancer hospitals like Basavatarakamma Cancer hospitals give some free operations for Cancer patients. As like that, Government also gives subsidiary for treatment but we also try to contribute to saving them by donations. Need not to go to hospitals but need when anyone coming to us, we should donate as our best.


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