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“Adhugo” Ravi Babu Brings Piglet

"Adhugo" Ravi Babu Brings Piglet

The creative director and actor Ravi Babu brought many films with different plots. Now, his “Adhugo” is releasing Dussehra festival time. Although, in this film Pig is the main character. Generally, Ravi Babu doesn’t show interest in regular concepts and always thinks creatively. So, this time his creativity turns on Pigs. Although, months back he released the conceptual video and the video got a huge response. In that video Pig also talks with him.


Moreover that, D.Suresh Babu is producing this film. Now, after many months the film again into the news with their pictures. Ravi Babu and Suresh Babu feed the piglet with banana and the film shooting in final schedule. And, the film is releasing in Dusshera festival time worldwide. Though Telugu title for this is Adhugo, in other states it is releasing with the title of Bunty. Finally, another craziest story is coming from Ravi Babu and it may mesmerize the audience again. And, the music director for this film is Prasanth R Vihari. His latest films are Vellipomake, Mental Madhilo, Chi la Sow, and upcoming films are this Adhugo and Varun tej’s Anthariksham 9000 KMPH.


Ravibabu last two films Avunu2 and Laddu Babu have flopped. Actually, audiences have the expectation in the Avunu2 film because of Avunu film. But, the film didn’t give that much of stuff to audiences. And, Laddu Babu has also created buzz before releasing the movie by Allri Naresh’s new getup. But, that film also disappointed the audiences. Now, this film “Adhugo” is coming piglet story background. So, we will wait for his magic.

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