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M.S.Raju’s Son – Nagendra Babu’s Daughter

Mega heroine Niharika paired up with hero Sumanth Ashwin for the film ‘Happy Wedding‘. Directed by debut director Lakshman Karya and music composed by Shakthi Kanth Karthick. Recently, this movie trailer was released and got the good response from the filmy audience. In the previous movie ‘Oka Manasu’, Niharika characterization was somewhat different but in this movie, she is looking like the girl next door. Niharika and Sumanth Ashwin‘s chemistry was good to see and the trailer was very colorful. The movie will be released in August.

As come to the movie, the trailer reveals that it is completely a family entertainer and it was produced by UV creations, so it seems to be a good movie. According to the trailer, the movie was about perceptions of men and women about their amicability with a new family after marriage. In most movies, only feminism exposed about marriage but this time men’s worried voice too heard about wife’s relation with his family. And it seems, the movie shot in Vijayawada’s backdrop as shown in the trailer. S.S.Thaman’s Background music may give positive benefits.  Finally, this movie may get the good talk. Niharika gets disappointed with the previous movie but she got good reviews from film critics for her acting. But now this ‘Happy Wedding’ may give happiness to her.

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