Mahakutami Will Bring Black Days To Telangana – TRS Leader Says


On Sunday, TRS Karimnagar candidate Gangula Kamalakar participated in Gowda Sammelanam held at Padmanayaka community hall. In a meeting there, Kamalakar said that Mahakutami would bring black days back to Telangana if they got power in the state and suggested people to be alert on it. Kamalakar termed the upcoming elections as a fight between Telangana Protagonists and Andhra Antagonists.

golden telangana with mahakutami


He asked the people to teach a lesson to those Andhra rules who wants to rule the Golden Telangana with Mahakutami and reminds that Telangana people sent all Andhra leaders to their place including Nara Chandrababu Naidu and asked the voters to send Mahakutami’s Andhra leaders back to their state. He also added that “Telangana people were faced a bad time from the Andhra leaders in United Andhra Pradesh and they did nothing to the farmers and not given sufficient power supply for Agriculture Sector”.

kamalakar said that trs government doing

Kamalakar said that TRS government doing a great service to the farmers by giving 24-hours uninterrupted power supply and providing financial help of Rs. 8000 per acre per year to the farmers under the Rythu Bandhu scheme. Farmers are now easily getting seeds and fertilizers comparing to the previous times. He also added that youth of Telangana would face problems if they vote for Mahakutami and asked them to give another opportunity to TRS to get benefits and development.


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