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Sunil Role In Amar Akbar Anthony Revealed…!

Comedian turned hero turned comedian Sunil is facing a tough time in his career right now. He was the most wanted comedian in Telugu cinema around a decade ago. At that time, many Telugu audiences were like to search the movies to find whether Sunil is there in the movie or not? That’s the following he had as a comedian at that time. But, director Rajamouli has turned Sunil’s entire career graph by considering him as the hero for his directorial Maryadha Ramanna. This film is a blockbuster at the box-office and has given confidence to Sunil as a successful hero.

Sunil is again united with director Sreenu Vaitla after

But, things were completely changed after the series of failures. Sunil was faced a tough time to stand as a hero and attempted all possibilities to get a decent hit as a solo hero. He built a chiseled body to fight like an action hero and then became fat again to make laughs in recent comedy films. But, all his efforts weren’t helped him to give him a stand as a hero. Even, his best friend Trivikram didn’t think to direct a film with Sunil as a hero with minimum budget.


These things made Sunil recheck his strengths again and then he turns as a comedian. Sunil has given re-entry as a comedian with Silly Fellows and shared the screen space with Allari Naresh. But, this movie has not fared well at the box office. Later, he was seen in Aravindha Sametha as a comedian. But, his role has received negative comments from the audience because of lack of depth in his character and less screen time.

Sunil has given re-entry as a comedian with Silly Fellows

Now, Sunil is again united with director Sreenu Vaitla after a long time for an upcoming movie Amar Akbar Anthony starring Ravi Teja and Ileana in lead roles. In this movie, Sunil will be seen as an assistant to Ravi Teja and his character would create enough laughs and remind the glorious days of Sunil as a comedian to the Telugu audience. Amar Akbar Anthony will be released on 14th November.

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